15 New Worship Songs for 2015

Keep your new year going strong by worshipping with these faith-filled & diverse anthems, most of which have just been released this year!

1 “All the Earth” by Vertical Church Bandvertical


2 “Lamb of God” by Vertical Church Band


bethel3 “Ever Be” by Bethel Music & Kalley Heiligenthal


4 “No Longer Slaves”  by Bethel Music, Jonathan David & Melissa Helser


5 “Praise Him” by Aaron Gillespieaaron


6 “You alone are God” by Aaron Gillespie


i-am-they7 “We are Yours” by I Am They


8 “King of Love” by I Am They


9 “Light a Fire” by Bridge Citybridge


10 “Face to Face” by Bridge City


cover170x17011 “Set Apart” by Worship Central & Tim Hughes


12 “Worth It All” by Worship Central featuring Ben Cantelon


13 “On the Throne ” by Desperation Band featuring Kari Jobedesperation-band


album-swell14 “Healing is Here” by Deluge, Daniel Eric Groves & Jonathan Stockstill


15 “Fill Me Now” by Darnisha Taylordarnisha


8 Must Have Worship Anthems

According to the dictionary, an “Anthem” is…

A song of celebration. A song of praise, devotion or loyalty.  A rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body or cause.  A piece of sacred vocal music, usually with words taken from the Scriptures. A modern ballad accompanied by rock music instrumentation…

Here are 8 must have worship anthems!!

*Worship Leaders: many of these can make for great openers in your set-list!

NoOtherNameHillsong Worship “Heaven and Earth”

This electronica layered anthem is a celebration of Christ’s finished work on the cross!


Covenant Worship/ Israel Houghton “Risen”covenant-worship

A joyful dance anthem of praise that sings of the risen & glorified King Jesus’ victory & authority!


Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture/ Chris Quilala “Sing Out”

An epic & universal cry for every living creature to lift up  an anthem of praise to the lamb that was slain!



Planetshakers “Turn It Up”Planetshakers-Band-Endless-Praise-CD

A fun, fill good, stomp your foot anthem full of rock guitars & synth that beckons worshippers to turn up the volume of their praise!


majesticKari Jobe “Hands To the Heavens “

Pairing melodic pianos & driving beats, this song is a call for The Lord to have His way & come in power & glory!



Leeland “God With Us (You Are Emmanuel)”

A song of adoration to Emmanuel that combines driving acoustics on the verses with big guitars & vocal “Whoa’s” on the chorus!



BraveBethel Music/ Amanda Cook “You Make Me Brave”

A hope infused anthem that stirs up picturesque images of God’s unfailing love!



Andrew Ehrenzeller “Children of Promise”CHILDREN

With bright guitars & driving beats, this song is a celebration of who we really are in Christ – children of promise!



youthforthenationsYouth For The Nations “Give Us the Nations”

An awesome raw-electric-guitar driven anthem with a cry to reach the nations for Christ!


5 Must Get Worship Albums For Summer

Here are 5 worship albums that we’ve been listening to lately in no particular order…

Album: “Unstoppable Love” by Jesus CultureJesus Culture

Top 3 Songs: “Your Name Is Glorious,” “Unstoppable Love,” “Sing Out.”

Why You Should Buy It: This is Jesus Culture’s best album to date! The combination of unique sounds, incredible songs & the diversity between Chris Quilala’s smooth voice & Kim Walker-Smith’s power vocals keeps you begging for more! This album comes with two free music videos & a teaching from JC Director “Banning Leibscher!”

majesticAlbum: “Majestic” by Kari Jobe

Top 3 Songs: “Hands To The Heavens,” “Keeper Of My Heart,” “Forever.”

Why You Should Buy It: Kari Jobe’s unique, powerful & anointed voice is second to none! This album is full of powerful ballads laced with piano, electric guitars & lots of strings! The overall themes of “Christ’s supremacy” & the “Nearness of the Lord,” will encourage you & inspire you in your faith!

Album: “You Make Me Brave” by Bethel MusicBrave

Top 3 Songs: “You Make Me Brave,” “It Is Well,” “Wonder.”

Why You Should Buy It: This album is more laid-back in nature & balances melodic guitars with piano & strings. It’s overall themes of “God’s love & grace” & “Intimacy with God,” will draw you ever closer to the Father’s heart! This Bethel album is unique from it’s predecessors in that it’s sung only by their female artists, all of whom have unique & beautiful voices! This album comes with free music videos as well!

elevationAlbum: “Glory Is Yours” by  Elevation Worship

Top 3 Songs: “Only King Forever,” “Grace So Glorious,”  “Great And Mighty King.”

Why You Should Buy it: This album has an overall theme of “Christ’s Kingship & Authority” which will stir you to bring a sacrifice of praise! This album is more mellow in nature highlighting clean electric guitars, pianos & synth.

Album: “Your Grace Finds Me” by Matt RedmanMatt Redman

Top 3 Songs: “Sing And Shout,” “Your Grace Finds Me,” “Wide As The Sky.”

Why You Should Buy It: Matt Redman is not only a great singer, author & Grammy award winning songwriter, but he is a one of the spiritual father’s of todays modern worship movement! You will be filled with joy as you listen to this albums themes of “God’s grace & mercy” that features lots of acoustic guitars, banjos & driving kick drum that will keep your foot stomping throughout! This album features several free music videos!