Dog Sitters, Car Mechanics and the Power of Small Groups


Several weeks ago we ended our winter term of small groups where my wife & I hosted a weekly group in our home on Saturday nights with 15-20 amazing people. God did incredible things within the life of our small group family in the span of time that we gathered together! Here are just a few of the many benefits that we personally experienced by being in community & belonging to a small group that we would not have otherwise…

Friends Found
Kevin & Stefani are a young couple that we first met at our favorite coffee shop. They began visiting our church right around the same time our winter small groups were launching, so we invited them to our home to be part of our group. After several weeks of eating, laughing, talking & spending quality time together, Kevin & Stefani are no longer just acquaintances, they are friends! FACES in the CROWD become FRIENDS in COMMUNITY. Small groups are powerful because relationships are powerful!

Needs Met
I was driving my car downtown not so long ago when it suddenly stalled at the light & decided it was done working! After parking it for a few days & dreading the thought of paying big money to a mechanic shop, my wife reminded me that “Clarence,” from our small group was a mechanic! As a new friend, Clarence was glad to stop by to take a look at my car. In no time at all, he fixed the issue & had it running like a champ! Needs met by caring friends is a natural outflow commitment to community in small groups!

Another example: We are the proud owners of a large Bullmastiff named “Chloe” who thinks that she is our child! It’s not always easy finding a dog sitter for the 100 pound beast when we go out-of-town, like we had planned after our group term ended! But thanks to our new small group friends “Trent & Dawna,” finding a dog sitter was an easy task as we found out that they were fellow dog loving owners & offered to watch her gladly & spoiled her all week!

Faith Strengthened
When you gather together weekly in groups to pray, read the Bible & worship, everyone’s faith rises! It’s been so rewarding to see all of the different couples who were part of our small group, now hanging out as friends & worshipping together at our Sunday services! Weekday SMALL GROUPS transform weekend WORSHIP SERVICES into unified-faith-filled LARGE GROUPS

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