Top 5 Youth Ministry Posts of 2015

Are you a Youth Pastor or Youth Leader?! If so, get equipped & inspired by reading our top 5 Youth Ministry posts of 2015!

IMG_1129#1 Campus Awakening: 7 Keys to Mobilize Your Students to Launch Dynamic Christian Clubs

  • Everything you need to know to mobilize your students to begin launching Christian clubs on their campus in the new year!

#2 Free Youth Sermon Series: “Rise of the Misfits”12027121_826270374157245_1746226890870031274_o

  • Need some fresh new material for the new year that will inspire & equip your students to rise up & be the World Changers that God created them to be?! Then click the link above!

Jeanne1#3 15 Jeanne Mayo Quotes for 2015

  • 15 inspiring quotes on faith, leadership & ministry from one of America’s top Youth Pastors!

#4 3 Components To Creating A Buzz Around Your Youth Ministryvertical black

  • The title says it all! These are 3 components we have found that will help you to create excitement & momentum around your youth ministry!

stock-footage-apple-trees-with-red-apples#5 Maturity Matters – 3 Foundations for Building Mature Leaders

  • This post wrestles with the topic of maturity & asks the questions “How can we as Christian Leaders grow to fuller maturity & how can we better equip the emerging leaders under our care to grow to fuller maturity?

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