Campus Awakening: 7 Keys to Mobilize Your Students to Launch Dynamic Christian Clubs

IMG_1129With boxes of hot-fresh pizza, I walked through the packed halls of West Valley high school to room 123 where about 25 students had gathered for lunch & for the launch of a new campus club called “Elevate.” With upbeat music playing in the background & a buzz in the air, the teens began to surround my boxes of cheesy & saucy bread with great anticipation! Then it happened. A leader was born. “Braxtyn” stepped forward to introduce herself as the leader of this peculiar gathering & prayed a blessing over the food. Then after leading everyone through a fun game of “Never Have I Ever,” Braxtyn shared her testimony & led everyone in a closing prayer! Students had fun, their bellies were filled, Christians from various churches were united together & the Gospel of grace was declared to the lost on the campus of one of the greatest mission fields in America – The public High School!

This is when youth ministry becomes really fun & this is partly why I’m still serving in youth ministry into my mid thirties – because there is nothing more rewarding that seeing teenagers catch on fire for Jesus & bring his light & love to their peers on campus! IMG_1131

From my experience, below is the winning combination I’ve found to create a culture of campus awakening within your youth ministry where your students in turn will begin to launch Christian Clubs…

1 Cast vision for it!

  • Cast vision for campus ministry by talking about it often with your students! When you are praying with your students, pray for God to raise up students to launch Christian Clubs! Share stories & testimonies with them of other students who did big things for God on their campuses!

2 Help them create an identity!

  • Once you have students who step forward to launch a club, help them create an identity for it by encouraging them to choose a relevant club name & make invite cards to pass out. Then help walk them through the school approval process & find a room to meet in & a teacher to host the club.

IMG_07473 Encourage them to build a core team!

  • Encourage your student leader to recruit & build a core team of students from other churches & youth ministries to communicate with & meet with regularly to cast vision, dream & pray for their club & school. The more core team leaders they have who feel like they are apart of the campus ministry, the more they will spread the word & invite more friends!

4 Make sure there is food!

  • Invest into the campus ministry by using youth budget money or by finding a sponsor can help provide pizza or donuts weekly! Nothing will draw teens more than salty & sugary morsels! Use the natural to draw them & they will get the supernatural! Delivering the food on the day of is also a great way for youth pastors & youth leaders to get on campus & begin building relationships with students & teachers!

5 Make it fun!

  • Most students sit in boring class rooms all day long, so encourage your campus leader to make their club fun by starting with a game or ice breaker questions that gets people moving, laughing &/or talking! This will help to engage the audience & prepare them for the teaching time.

6 Bring an inspirational challenge!

  • Time is short because most campus clubs are during lunch. So encourage your campus leader to come prepared with a simple inspirational mini message! They can share testimonies, stories & a key scripture or Bible story that leads their listeners to a response! If your campus leader is not ready to share in this capacity, a youth pastor or youth leader could do this part!

7 End with Prayer!

  • Encourage the campus club leader to Give God room to show up & show off by leaving time for prayer at the end! They can have the audience multiply into several prayer groups led by them & their other core team leaders!

3 thoughts on “Campus Awakening: 7 Keys to Mobilize Your Students to Launch Dynamic Christian Clubs

  1. Wow! Great starters and might I say the strongest points that hardly even need any explaining to do!!
    I’m a leader back at home and from my eyes, I’m a student on the inside of these clubs looking out. This blog covers from the outside looking in! Always fun to see it though a fresh new perspective. I feel like next to encouraging kids to step up and lead, is to always stress the need of creativity. Some are taught to deliver the message the same way it’s been for so long but, if we can visually see the difference in our attention span, visually see how we respond and listen to different vernacular or maybe even a different heart then maybe we missed a chance to update. I’m not saying to fit in but one thing that helps me, is knowing God gives us all a creative heart with different ideas about ourselves and about Him. The bigger and better part to this is pushing ourselves and others around us to express and spread the gospel with that in mind. Not because it’s the great commission but because something inside us all wants to use our words and our visuals and our stories and our art to express as much as we can. It’s definitely something that I’ve learned more recently!


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