Leading Beyond Your Boundaries


“Beyond the boundaries into the unknown, there are secrets to learn & new ways to grow”

As leaders, we all have boundaries that we don’t usually cross. For Example…

I’m a youth pastor, not a kid’s pastor! I’m a worship leader, not a basketball coach! I’d rather be driving my Subaru on the ground, not flying in a small airplane over the mountains! I prefer to sleep in my warm-cushy-bed, not outside in a freezing tent during a storm!

However, this past week I had the opportunity to lead beyond my boundaries & do all of the above as I led a missions trip to the village of Fort Yukon, AK! While our construction crew built an addition onto the local church parsonage, my team’s objective was to reach the native children with the love of Christ by leading a “Mega Sports Camp” through teaching basketball & cheerleading!

In the end, the local church pastors & missionaries were blessed with a larger home, the kids had fun & encountered the love of Christ & I was stretched as a leader by stepping outside my comfort zone to do things I had never done before!

Obviously, no one leader can do or is called to do everything. Effective leaders know how to master a few things well. Yet, there are those times when duty calls & you are pushed beyond your limits to lead in ways you never have before. It may be inconvenient, it may be hard, it may even be humiliating, but it’s in these moments that we become stronger, bolder & braver leaders.

It’s through the fires of adversity where great leaders are born

So jump the fence & begin leading beyond your boundaries!

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