School of the Rock: 5 Keys to Building Great Youth Worship Teams


1 Pray (Matt 9:37-39)

  • Make room for God to move by praying with your students & leaders for the specific musicians & worship leaders you need
  • Faith & excitement will begin to grow as everyone sees the answer to their prayers coming through the door

2 Cast Vision  (Proverbs 29:18)

  • Cast the vision to your students & leaders of what dynamic worship looks like by playing relevant worship music & videos somewhere in your gatherings
  • Invite in guest worship leaders & teams periodically to minister & inspire your youth
  • Ask your church worship leader, worship team members & any musicians you know what they can do to help you launch a team & mentor your students
  • Fundraise or ask your pastor & the people of your church & community to donate or help you purchase the basic equipment & gear you need

3 Start With What You Have (John 6:9-14)

  • Identify & recruit talent by periodically doing talent show-cases during your gatherings where students can sing & play instruments. Look for potential in team members who may be hiding in the shadows & push them to the next level of development
  • Something is better than nothing so don’t wait until you have a full band! A freshman who can play four chords on the guitar paired with a student who can sing is a great start
  • Keep it simple by having your team master & play just two or three easy songs per week & slowly introduce more songs as they grow in confidence & musicianship

4 Equip (Ephesians 4:11-12)

  • Implement a consistent rehearsal time where your team learns how to do a proper sound check, hash out song transitions, pray & practice the set from start to finish
  • Teach your team simple Biblical truths regarding worship that will keep them humble & focused like “Worship is a lifestyle” based off Romans 12:1
  • Create a commitment form with expectations & standards for character, practice  what Godly leadership looks like
  • Equip your team with resources that will inspire them to grow in their faith & craft
  • Give your worship leaders a game-plan of what your expectations are for the upcoming gathering
  • Encourage your team visit other worship gatherings where they can be inspired, refreshed & equipped in new ways

5 Release (Mark 6:7)

  • With teens it doesn’t have to be perfect! Good is good enough, so let them go for it
  • Foster creativity by encouraging your worship leaders & team to craft their own songs
  • Release your worship leaders to choose worship lists, schedule teams & lead rehearsals! This allows them to grow in their leadership & gives you more time!
  • When your teams grows large enough, multiply into two or more teams that rotate weekly! This will get many more students involved

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