The Power of Grace: 20 Life-Transforming Quotes from Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince is the Lead Pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore & the best-selling author of “The Power of Right Believing” & “Destined to Reign.” Joseph is a leading voice of awakening in proclaiming the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through his books, resources, conferences & television ministry! Follow him on twitter here @JosephPrince 


Here are 20 must read (And tweet) quotes from Joseph Prince…

If you can change what you believe, you can change your life!

When you believe right in His grace and His love for you, the shackles of fear, guilt, and addictions will fall off.

It is the truth of grace and not the law that brings you true freedom.

The truth that has the power to fling wide your prison doors is His grace.

You can’t process His grace logically in your mind – it needs to be experienced in your heart!

When you allow God’s love to saturate your mind, it doesn’t matter what wrong believing, fears, or addictions are keeping you bound. His grace will begin to break them down.

God can set you free in a supernatural instant. He who created time isn’t time bound. He who in a fraction of a second turned water into the finest aged wine can bypass natural processes and accelerate your deliverance from any bondage!

He who knows you perfectly, loves you perfectly!

God has exhausted His anger toward all your sins at the cross.

If you ever doubt or question God’s love for you, just turn your eyes to the cross.

The first key to right believing is to be established in His grace, anchored in His love, and secure in His mercy toward you.

While our love for God can fluctuate, His love for us always remains constant. His love for us is based on who He is and not based on what we do.

If you can deserve God’s grace, then it is no longer grace.

Guilt and condemnation stop where the blood of Jesus has been shed.

If you know how abundantly God loves you and has forgiven you of all your sins, you will end up loving God – he who is forgiven much, loves much!

Faith is simply saying what God says about you and seeing what God sees in you and your situation.

The bigger God becomes in my heart, the smaller my challenges become.

The key to seeing what God sees is to base your beliefs  on His sure and unshakeable Word.

When you believe that you are made righteous through Jesus – you will end up producing the fruits of righteousness.

Forgiveness is received, not achieved!

Q Are there any other quotes by Joseph Prince that have encouraged you?

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One thought on “The Power of Grace: 20 Life-Transforming Quotes from Joseph Prince

  1. I am too encouraged! Always encouraged! Forever encouraged in knowing that God’s love for me is so real!
    I have lived many years trying to please God in every way imaginable but wait… Its all about His love for me. That my past, present and future sins were forever charged in Christ.
    My desire now is know nothing else but the depth, height, width and length of His unconditional live for me. To know Christ and only him crucified.


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