Curriculum Review: The Emerging Leader – Fruit That Remains by Jesus Culture

emerging-leaders-new_largeJesus Culture recently released a new four-part video curriculum called “The Emerging Leader – Fruit that Remains.” This curriculum is separated into four sessions…

Part 1: Longevity Matters
Part 2: Developing Your Root System
Part 3: The Killers of Community
Part 4: Community Works

Each session starts with a short video (About 10 mins) of Jesus Culture Director Banning Liebscher teaching on the above topics & includes a simple small group outline with some key scriptures and questions to aid group discussion & application. This curriculum can be used for almost any group or ministry team – church staff, internship, youth leaders, small group leaders, etc.

We recently used this study for a men’s small group & it was very well received! Laced with humor throughout, each lesson is full of Biblical truth & practical wisdom that equips leaders how to grow in their faith & build a strong foundation that will last for the long haul & in turn bear fruit that remains! Each session ends with a group prayer.

One of the great aspects of this curriculum is that it’s very affordable & can be downloaded digitally instantly! To purchase or learn more about “The Emerging Leader” click HERE!

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