Voices Of Leadership: 20 Quotes from Scott Hagan

10471314_10153015758054718_777127073970106121_nScott Hagan is a spiritual father & a leading voice of wisdom & awakening to the next generation of young leaders & possesses a wealth of knowledge & experience regarding all things leadership & pastoral ministry! The lead pastor Real Life Church in Sacramento, Scott is also a church planter, author & columnist for Charisma Magazine & The Enrichment Journal! Check out his blog ScottHagan.org & follow him on twitter at ScottHagan

Here are 20 must read (And tweet) quotes from Scott…

Great leaders pay attention – poor leaders seek attention

The mystery of great leadership is this. It’s not what you stand for – it’s what you stand on

The attitude is always louder than the answer

People get weary of following a leader who talks big but never follows through

It’s the responsibility of a leader to make complex things simple – it’s never to make simple things complex

You cannot hide your heart – whatever fills spills

The secret to happiness is really no secret. Live well – love well – serve well

Put success on the bottom shelf so anyone can reach for it

Leadership is about instilling bravery and buy in

Your destiny is about your decisions – not your talents

Leadership is a mix of iron and water – one part is unbending, the other part is fluid and adaptive

Being a leader should bring out the best in you – not the worst in you

A good reputation is based on two things: Keeping your cool and keeping your promises

Always conclude with hope – even after a confrontation

Two things mark a great organization – clarity and charity

Too many young leaders have become obsessed with being discovered instead of investing their lives in discovery

Burnout is not the result of fatigue. It’s the result of anxiety. You don’t overcome burnout by working less. You overcome burnout by worrying less

Don’t worry about the credit – people never forget who inspired them

Never follow a leader who refuses to say they were wrong

Great leaders understand that you have to change an atmosphere before you can change a culture

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