Voices of Awakening: 20 Quotes from Banning Liebscher


Founder & Director of Jesus Culture as well as Lead Pastor of JC Sacramento, Banning Liebscher is a leading voice of awakening to this generation! Follow Banning on Twitter @thebanning

Here are 20 must read (And tweet) quotes from Banning…

“Life without grace is like diving onto a Slip ‘N Slide with no water!”

“The Lord does not develop you on a stage, He develops you in a cave.”

“God is the only one who can ask for everything because He gave everything.”

“The key to seeing awakening happen in an entire generation is your life being awakened.”

“The only way to live crazy in love with Jesus is if you first encounter His crazy love for you.”

“Your life from seed to full-grown tree is a process. We all like the idea of fruit, but rarely do we allow ourselves to build a root system.”

“You will not passionately pursue God if you don’t have a revelation that he has passionately pursued you!”

“You can’t work harder at holiness, you just draw closer.”

“You are a leader called by God to impact cities!”

“Whenever we encounter his love it ignites in us a responsibility to shine for Him!”

“We were never meant to shine our light out of obligation, but out of passion!”

“The enemy knows he can’t defeat your light so he convinces you to hide your light.”

“The issue is not whether God has called you to be a leader, but if you have responded to His call.”

“Leadership is being stretched beyond your capabilities.”

“When pressure was all around Him, Jesus was leading from a place of rest.”

“Faith is accessed through rest.”

“Nobody ever changed the world by living safe.”

“If you’re going to impact cities, you’re going to have to sleep in a boat.”

“Refuse to settle for anything less than everything that Jesus paid for!”

“Christianity is not a bunch of no’s, it is one big YES to God!”


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