15 Leaders To Follow In 2015

1459152_600151693365874_1855232000_nTo go higher in faith & vertical in your leadership, you will want to follow dynamic & visionary leaders like these who will inspire, equip & challenge you!

#1 Alex Seeley – An Australian, dynamic communicator & a former pastor at Planetshakers Church. Alex & her husband recently pioneered a worship movement called “The Belonging” in Nashville, which has grown into an amazing church

#2 Andrew Mason – Blogger, communicator & Small Groups Pastor at Real Life Church in Sacramento & founder of smallgroupchurches.com & andrewsmason.com

#3 Banning Liebscher – Author, speaker, founder & director of “Jesus Culture” as well as planter & Lead Pastor of “JC Sacramento Church

#4 Benny Perez – Author, dynamic communicator, planter & Lead Pastor of “The Church LV” in Las Vegas, founder of “The Church Conference” & founder of bennyperez.org

#5 Caitlin Zick – Caitlin & her Husband Cole are Youth Pastors at Capitol Christian Center in Sacramento & founders of “My City Conference.” Caitlin is also founder of turnupthetruth.com

#6 Carey Nieuwhof – Author, blogger, communicator & Lead Pastor of Connexus Church in Toronto as well as founder of careynieuwhof.com

#7 Dean Deguara – Pastor, blogger, communicator & Director of Resources at “Jesus Culture in Sacramento as well as founder of deandeguara.com

#8 Isaiah Saldivar – Dynamic communicator & founder of “The Awakening 209” in Manteca, CA as well as founder of isaiahsaldivar.com

#9 Justin Lathrop – Speaker, blogger & Co-Founder & Exec Director of youngpastors.com & founder of justinlathrop.com

#10 Kevin Moore – Blogger, speaker, planter & Lead Pastor of the “Church At Visalia” in California & founder of growmoore.tv

#11 Mark Zweifel – former District Youth Director of Alaska, Mark is a dynamic communicator & Lead Pastor of Fairbanks First Church as well as founder of alaskaoutreach.com

#12 Pat Schatzline – Author, evangelist & founder of remnant.international

#13 Scott Hagan – Author, blogger, planter & Lead Pastor of Real Life Church in Sacramento as well as founder of scotthagan.org 

#14 Sean Smith – Author, evangelist, dynamic communicator & founder of seansmithministries.org

#15 Tyler Sollie – Communicator, blogger & Youth Director of the Northwest Ministry Network & founder of tylersollie.com

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