Voices Of Awakening: 20 Quotes From Rich Wilkerson Jr


Serving as the Young Adult Pastor of “The Vous” at Trinity Church in Miami, Rich Wilkerson Jr is a leading voice of awakening to this generation! Follow Rich on Twitter @richwilkersonjr!

Here are 20 must read (And tweet) quotes from Rich!

If you have a pulse, you have a purpose!

Your current situation does not dictate your future destination.

Charisma will get the attention of man, but character will always get the attention of God.

Some of you are waiting for A word when you’ve already been given THE WORD!

If the word is your sword then worship is the way you swing it!

We live in a society today that’s all for getting loud about their sin, but we live so quite about our salvation!

The question is never ‘Are you in a storm?’ The question is ‘Is Jesus in your boat?’

Praise & worship isn’t something you do once a week, it’s who you are.

Faith is being willing to leave where you are in order to go where God wants you to be!

Jesus isn’t surprised by anything you’re going through — He’s actually WITH you!

Strength is not measured in how many times you fall, strength is measured on how many times you get back up!

Encouragement costs you nothing to give, but it’s priceless to receive.

When nobody else notices you, you need to know that you serve a God who has laser eyes on you!

If you want God to act SUDDENLY then you’re gonna have to pursue him PATIENTLY!

The Grave was BORROWED but YOU were BOUGHT!

Generosity is not our obligation, it’s our privilege.

The bible does not call you a survivor, the Bible calls you an overcomer!

You might be flawed, but you are chosen!

Jesus rose so you could rise!

What appears to be an interruption is often an intervention.

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