Voices Of Awakening: 20 Quotes From Sean Smith


Author of “I Am Your Sign” & Evangelist “Sean Smith” is a leading voice of awakening to this generation! Having served over 25 years in full-time ministry directing campus outreach at the University of Pacific & California State University in Chico, Sean now travels the nation & world challenging people to fulfill their destiny in Christ! Sean’s ministry is marked by the Holy Spirit’s supernatural release of power to meet people’s needs with a heart of compassion! Follow Sean on Twitter @RevSeanSmith! Here are 20 must read (And tweet) quotes from Sean!

1 You can’t afford to be silent in a culture you’re called to transform!185018_10151120572118080_2079034641_n

2 Low expectations move us from the meaningful target of revival to the insignificant turf of survival.

3 If your experiences are below His promises, it should call forth a holy pursuit!

4 When you’ve grasped the weightiness of God’s presence, you won’t settle for earthly, lightweight compromises.

5 Great shakings proceed great awakenings.

6 We must have passion greater for our God than the world’s passion for their idols!

7 Comfort zone Christians never fulfill their mission.

8 Jesus is not coming back for a church with less power than when he started it!

9 The commodity of the kingdom is not caffeine & donuts, it’s the presence of God!

1459152_600151693365874_1855232000_n10 We have as much fire as we desire.

11 God wants us to move from the mundane to the miraculous! 

12 If you have power in the secret place, you will have power in the market place!

13 You’re not called to be static, you’re called to be dynamic!

14 Life: You are born, you suffer & you die. Life’s loophole: Jesus, who came to give you life!

15 If those who know the truth don’t speak the truth, those who don’t know the truth won’t believe the truth.

16 It’s time to turn our creeds into deeds and our proclamations into demonstrations.

17 How can you have a dead service with a living Christ?

18 God is looking for people who will live recklessly for Him!

19 Mercy understood is Holiness desired.

20 Christians today can’t be question marks or commas, but exclamation marks & periods!


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