Social Media & 3 Secrets Youth Pastors Keep


Pastor Jarrod & meThe whistleblower is about to blow the cover off of the cover up! The mole inside the machine is about to surface with the truth! As a fellow member of Youth Pastors Inc, I’m going to throw myself under the bus & share with you 3 secrets that your youth Pastor probably hasn’t told you…

#1 Youth Pastors do a lot more than just tweet! Twitter_logo_blue

Youth Pastors are not slackers who sit around tweeting & drinking coffee at Starbucks all day!

Running a youth ministry is essentially running a church with messages to prepare & speak, small groups to multiply, ministry teams to build, events to plan & promote, students & parents to council, a leadership team to recruit & train & vision to cast! Did I mention that all of this is usually done with little to no admin support &/or a budget to spend (Which is why we do so many epic fundraisers)?! Add to this list the various non-related youth ministry church responsibilities handed down & the most important duties of seeking God, meditating on His Word & praying for students & you can see that there is a whole lot more than just tweeting going on! Therefore, please do not only “favorite,” “retweet” & quote our creatively crafted one-liners, but have extra patience with us & do whatever you can to come alongside to help serve us!

#2 Life for Youth Pastors is not always as glamorous as their Instagram pics would have you believe!ig-logo 

Social media platforms like Instagram are places to show off the “High points” of life such as people, places, food & fun! And why not? You only get to live once! However, life brings many challenges & “Low points,” especially in youth ministry, that are not always shown!

Youth Pastor’s are on the front lines of a bloody culture war being waged by the enemy for the souls of the next generation! 

Youth Pastors are called to reach one of the toughest people groups on the planet with Gospel – the American Teenager. 

Often apathetic, hormonal & rebellious, serving teenagers requires a special grace & patience that many people do not have. There is not much instant gratification in youth ministry, but rather slow seed planting for a harvest that will not be reaped until many years later. Therefore, please do not only “like” & “comment” on our heavily filtered pics, but pray for us & share words of encouragement as often as you can!

#3 Youth Pastors need more than just Facebook friends to succeed! facebook-logo   

Just because we may have more Facebook friends than the average person, doesn’t mean we have all the friendly support we need finish our assignment!

Conventional wisdom says that the average youth pastor stays only 18 months in the same church.

Why?! Because of the points listed above, as well as other factors such as salary, youth pastoring can be a very tough job! It’s usually not intentional, but many youth ministries get looked down on by adults (And even fellow staff members) as the “Baby church” when compared to the “Big church.” This can cause youth pastors to feel isolated from the church’s overall vision. Youth pastors need encouragement, they need to know when they are doing a good job! They need to be invited over for dinner to have fellowship & to hear words of affirmation! Therefore, please “invite” us to be your Facebook friend, but also “Be” that friend that sticks by us through the ups & downs!

2 thoughts on “Social Media & 3 Secrets Youth Pastors Keep

  1. awesome post. this social media management is brutal. and i seem to often be behind the steep learning curve. thanks for your post, and for the encouragement. i just wish everyone in my world would “get it” as well. have a merry christmas!


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