Voices Of Awakening: 20 Quotes from Pat Schatzline

I had the privilege of directing two of the NCNSM “Endless Summer” camps this year in Santa Cruz & Rocklin California! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing Jesus change the lives of hundreds of teenagers! We were blessed to have some of the nation’s leading voices of awakening speak to our students! Pastor “Jeremy Johnson” from “Fearless Church” in L.A. spoke in Santa Cruz (Find his quotes here)! Evangelist & Author of “I am Remnant” & “Why is God so mad at me?” Pat Schatzline” spoke in Rocklin! Here is 20 powerful quotes from Pat…pat

Your identity is not determined by who likes you on Facebook, but by who died for you on the cross!

God will never elevate you if he doesn’t trust your tongue.

The enemy wants to stop you at your place of  biggest regrets.

You can’t let your past define you, you must let it position you!

Redefine your value. Your value isn’t determined by your crowd, crisis or cosmetics!

Don’t put your hope in a man, put your hope in The Man!

Don’t preach to a city until you weep over a city.

God is raising up the ‘Oops and the Accidents!’

Truth is the new hate-speach.

It’s impossible to have compassion without first having pain.

We often ignore God in the good times & blame him in the bad times.

He became me on the cross so that I could become him in the world!

Youth Pastor, don’t quit! They don’t need to be twice orphaned!

If you are going through a storm, it’s cause Jesus is waiting to see if you’ll ride it out with him.

The rescue begins when we hear the cries of the dying!

Truth doesn’t change according to our versions.

We’re living in a time where culture is trying to rewrite scripture.

You will never get anointed until you allow yourself to be forgotten.

The remnant is afraid of only one thing: that time will not permit all they feel called by God to do!

True revival begins when you draw a circle around yourself & say ‘Change the person in the circle!’

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