DEFYING GRAVITY: The Power Of A God Encounter

IMG_3238With a wrinkled brow & a frown on his face, he looked me in the eyes & yelled “I’m not going,” & then stormed off in the opposite direction of the vehicles.

Another year, another student being forced against his will to go to summer camp by his guardian! Oh the joys of youth ministry!IMG_3223

The good news is that we eventually got this middle schooler in the car & away from his daily dose of distractions. Upon arrival to camp, he was quickly seen smiling & laughing with the new friends he’d made on the way up. Late nights, crazy games, roller coasters & walking the Santa Cruz boardwalk was more fun than this teen had imagined. And it was still about to get even better…


Just two nights later, at the final service, after hearing a powerful Gospel message & while the worship team rocked – it happened… an awakening, a revival! As heaven invaded earth, this junior high boy encountered the presence of the Almighty-God! And with tears in his eyes, hands raised & joy all over his face – he passionately worshipped this God who so passionately loved him! (He can be seen here worshipping in the front row in a blue shirt)

By the time camp was almost over this student didn’t want camp to end & certainly didn’t want to go home! What happened? A God-encounter happened.


“Gravity” is the force that causes things to fall towards earth. The only way to defy gravity, is to find a power source such as a rocket that can generate enough propulsion to thrust at high-speed in the opposite direction!

IMG_3037This is what an encounter with God is like!

When the enemy is pulling someone down deeper into the abyss of despair, only the power of a God encounter can launch someone into new heights of freedom, hope & joy!

A fearful Moses encountered God at the burning bush & bravely went on to lead his nation out of slavery from the clutches of the most powerful army in the world. An adulterous woman encountered God in the flesh at the well & went on to become the first ever evangelist, boldly testifying of Christ to her city. A Persecutor named Saul encountered God on the Damascus road & fearlessly went on to be the greatest missionary the world has ever seen.   IMG_3279

One God-encounter can change everything.




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