The Law of the Mosh Pit


Jeremy Johnson,” Pastor of “Fearless Church” in Los Angeles is a leading voice of awakening to this generation & was  our guest speaker at “Endless Summer” camp 2014 in Santa Cruz last week! Jeremy shared a powerful message on “The Law Of The Mosh Pit!” Check it out below!

Jeremy Johnson Quotes:

“Every painter has a masterpiece. You didn’t paint you, He did. You are a masterpiece!” 

“Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, he came to make dead people live!”

“I don’t know how we got so natural, cause everything in this Bible is supernatural!”

“A scared world needs a fearless church!”

“Christianity Lite: Taste great, less filling. Why can’t I drink Christianity lite? Because in the end you don’t look like Jesus!”

“The only qualification that you & I need, is to follow Him with all that we are!”

“If you get Jesus in your boat everything changes!”

“Your building can’t contain what God wants to do in your city!’

“The Holy Spirit is the power to move in an unmovable situation!”

“You are a powerful force in your city, cause when you move, everybody around you is forced to move!”

“Jesus wants to use you to start a mosh pit on your campus!”

“Who’s the leader? Whoever goes first!”

“You’re not gonna have to leave your friends – they’re either gonna follow you or get out of the way!”

“When I move, they move, just like that!”


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