Must Get Worship Album “DNA” by Ian Yates Releases Today!

DNA_CoverAlbum: “DNA”

Artist: Ian Yates lives in Liverpool & leads worship at his home church as well as churches & events all across the UK! “His heart is to see people come to know their true reality in Jesus, that the world would know that God is a God of love, a good and happy God who longs to have a relationship with His creation!”

Favorite 3 Songs: “Christ In Me,” “God I need You now,” & “Rescued Me.”Press 3

Why You Should Buy It: This rock infused worship album combines sounds from U2, The Killers & Imagine Dragons!  It’s positive, upbeat & chock-full of dance-beats & edgy electric guitars! Ian’s  overall theme & heart-cry in DNA is of God’s love, grace & enjoying a right relationship with God that re-aligns us back to our original DNA in Christ!

7Core Logo Small“Ian Yates has long been one of the most refreshing and heart-stirring worship leaders and songwriters on the UK scene and ‘DNA’ with its intriguing mix of rock and dance floor rhythms is up there with his best work.” – Tony Cummings (Crossrythms)

Buy it here!Press 5


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