3 Keys To Mobilize Your Students From BORED LISTENERS To BOLD MINISTERS!

IMG_2793Impoverished & lonely, a little girl felt the warmth of a hug. Fatherless & hungry, two boys scarfed pizza wide-eyed as they watched the intense drama presentation. Warn-out & hopeless, a young mother wept as she encountered the love of Jesus in worship & received prayer from a group of teen girls.


This was the scene last Thursday night when we took our summer interns on the road for the 1st stop of the “Awakening Summer Tour” in a little country town at a little country church called “Olivehurst Children & Teen Ministry” where they ministered through worship, drama, human video, games & prayer!

IMG_2801To say this moment was one of our highlights in over a decade of youth ministry would be an understatement! As a youth pastor, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your students go from the ones receiving your ministry to ones doing the ministry! This is when youth ministry truly becomes fun!

Here are 3 Keys To Mobilize Your Students From BORED LISTENERS To BOLD MINISTERS!

1 Awaken Them: Many students are bored, depressed & have no vision for their life because they’ve lost IMG_2817their hope! As you proclaim the good news, always give them hope by casting vision of the incredible plans God has for them & how he desires to use them right now, just as they are to change lives around them!

IMG_28102 Equip Them: Many students leave youth ministries because they never get the chance to be involved! Every student has something to give! As you teach your students how to grow in their relationship with Christ, don’t forget to identify their gifts & talents! Then provide outlets for them to use their gifts in music, drama, dance, etc at your youth gatherings! When a student is regularly involved, it becomes their ministry & they will be much more likely to stay & invite friends!IMG_2808

3 Unleash Them: Youth ministry is one of the most demanding jobs on the planet & many youth pastors & leaders run out of time, strength or vision at this point – but this is where it really gets fun!! Find opportunities for your students to use their God-given gifts to minister to others outside of the church walls! When student’s get a taste of what it’s like to change someone else’s life, they “Get it” & realize that living for Jesus is amazing & that it is truly better to give than to receive!


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