10 Things I Would Have Done Differently as a Youth Pastor

This is a must read for any Youth Pastor by friend & mentor Dean Deguara

Dean Deguara

 Image by khunaspix courtesy of @FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image by khunaspix courtesy of @FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This is not a list of regrets, but as we mature hopefully we are getting wiser. Here are 10 things I would do differently as youth pastor almost 20 years later. Here we go!

1.  I would have been more transparent in dealing with my personal issues – I was only 23 when I began in ministry. A rookie and a newlywed! I had matured a lot in between the ages of 19-22, but I was still a young work in process (still am). I wish I would have been more deliberate in talking about my shortcomings with youth more than my strengths. Over the last 15-20 years, I now know that God is most powerful when I am most vulnerable.  God uses our weakness to release grace and perfect His strength in our lives. When we hide our weakness we resist His grace and strength.

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