LAUNCHING INTO SUMMER: 3 Reasons To Launch A Youth Summer Internship & 3 Steps How!


Summer doesn’t have to be a boring time when you hit the cruise button & watch your youth ministry shrink! Instead, summer can be an exciting time to put the pedal to the metal & see dynamic growth take place in your student’s lives! Here are 3 reasons why you should launch a summer internship!


1 Students are bored! A large portion of students are bored at home (Without adult supervision!) watching TV, playing video games, posting selfies on Instagram & eating endless bags of chips! Instead, you can create a fun & safe place for them to hang while bringing peace of mind to their parent’s! Start each day with some crazy games or ice-breakers to wake up & engage your students!

2 Unity will be formed! Not only will you & your leaders bond closer with your students, but they will begin to build deeper relationships as they laugh, serve & pray together for several weeks! This time-spent together will go a long way in unifying your youth ministry for the long hall which will pay endless dividends!

3 Leaders will be born! One summer can change a student’s life forever! The great majority of our current student leaders who are involved & serving in youth ministry all have one thing in common – they were part of summer internship! As students receive leadership/ ministry training, learn to serve their church/ community, all while deepening their faith through Bible study, scripture memorization & prayer – leaders will emerge that will change the culture of your ministry for good & impact the culture & community around them with the love of Christ!

Now that we’ve established the why? Here are 3 steps on how to launch a summer internship!


1 Make up a schedule & cost! Our Summer Internships usually run between 6 to 8 weeks starting in early June which includes one week away at summer camp! We also partner with our church’s children’s ministry “VBS,” which is a great way to bless your children’s ministry while giving your student’s a great opportunity to serve! You can also plan a few local day “mission trips” to feed the homeless, visit the elderly in nursing homes, or clean up city streets by collecting trash, etc. Students are required to be part of all Sunday morning student ministry as well as attend a worship service.

Schedule breakdown: 

  • Tuesdays 1-5pm: Games, worship, teaching, small groups, prayer, Bible memorization, drama rehearsals &/or ministries training.
  • Wednesdays 1-9pm: Community outreach, drama rehearsals &/or ministry training, youth service prep & set-up, youth service, clean-up
  • Sundays 9am-12:30pm: Elevate, worship service

2 Choose a curriculum! Choose a simple teaching curriculum that will span the length of your internship & engage your students to grow in their faith! Here are some recent resources we have used…

3 Promote! Cast the vision to your leaders & parents & recruit them to help you lead it! Their tasks can vary from facilitating small groups, leading dramas rehearsals, driving & participating in day missions trips as well as just encouraging and mentoring students! Create a simple application along with a permission slip & schedule to hand out & display at your church welcome center. Spread the word to your students & parents online via your youth webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Get an announcement in your church program & video announcements if possible.

Use the summer time as a catalyst for our youth ministry!

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