Tasting Destiny: 3 benefits of student-led-ministry

IMG_2020This past weekend our youth worship band had the opportunity of leading worship at the “Influence” Youth Conference in Sacramento! It was so rewarding to see our students & leaders step out onto that stage and do what they’ve been challenged to do, equipped to do & what they were destined to do – lead their generation in worship to Jesus Christ! IMG_2013

Just five months earlier, they had seen Planet Shakers lead them in worship on the same stage at another conference, & now despite their age or relative lack of experience, they were the ones God had chosen to use for his glory!

IMG_2026When students get the opportunity to lead ministry, when they get a taste of what they were destined for, they come alive! Here are 3 benefits of student-led-ministry as we experienced this past weekend…

1. Greater Unity

This opportunity united our students & team like never before as they were rehearsing & praying together IMG_2028all week in preparation for the moment they got to minister together! From hanging out in the green-room, to going out to eat at In-N-Out afterwards, the result was much deeper friendships & greater unity! When a youth ministry has the team mindset that every student has a gift & something to give & then when those equipped students get the opportunity to lead ministry – everyone rallies & everyone celebrates!

IMG_20322. Higher Vision

After rehearsing more than ever, playing tighter than ever & leading worship to their largest audience ever, our worship band came away with a higher vision of what God had destined them to do & be! One of them made the comment afterwards “We should practice & prepare like that every week!” When students get a taste what it’s like to be used by God to change lives, they will have a much higher vision for their future & prepare for it like never before!

IMG_20183. Deeper Hunger for God

All week our students had been challenged to spend time with God through prayer & Bible meditation – to get filled up so they could be poured out in ministry to othersIMG_2024! They did & the result was a deeper hunger & passion to know this God who had chosen to use them! When students get the opportunity to use their gifts in ministry & see someone else’s life positively impacted, the result is often a deeper hunger to know God!

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