Our Top 5 Favorite Must Get Worship Albums!

Here are the top 5 worship albums that we’ve been listening to non-stop lately in no particular order…

We are Young & Free – Hillsong Young & FreeHillsongYoungAndFreeWeAreYoungAndFree

Sound: A live-recording that is very electronica driven & layered with heavy synth, loops & crazy fun dance beats!

Favorite 3 Songs: “Alive,” “Wake” & “Lifeline”

Why You Should Buy It: You will be overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord as you listen to these Aussie’s from down under sing of Christ’s love, grace & freedom!

kingdom_come_torwalts_1Kingdom Come – Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Sound: A studio recording that balances melodic guitars & pianos with plenty of synth & loops. It is more laid-back in nature & features several ballads.

Favorite 3 Songs: “When You Walk Into The Room,” “Shores” & “It Was Finished”

Why You Should Buy It: The Torwalt’s are crazy-good song-writers that write on The Kingdom, Christ’s supremacy & seeking the Lord in the secret place – which is exactly what you will want to do as you listen to this album!

The Art of Celebration – Rend Collectiverend-collective-the-art-of-celebration-300x300

Sound: Rend Collective is an eclectic Irish band & this studio recording of theirs is full of acoustic guitars, banjos, fiddles & a driving kick drum will keep your foot stomping all day long!

Favorite 3 Songs: “Burn Like A Star,” “My Lighthouse” & “Finally Free”

Why You Should Buy It: The first track entitled “Joy” pretty much sums it all up! You will have tons of fun & feel so much joy as you listen to this album that focuses on the themes of hope & freedom!

Bethel Music - TIDES cover artTides – Bethel Music

Sound: A studio recording with edgy sounds that highlight the electric guitar, synth, drum loops & an 80’s vibe that features a saxophone solo on “I Can Feel You!”

Favorite 3 Songs: “Chasing You,” “Come Awaken Love” & “Give Me Jesus”

Why You Should Buy it: This record is a feast for you ears with all of it’s unique & creative sounds & its themes of Christ’s sacrifice & unfailing love will inspire you to draw ever closer to Him!

Still Believe – Kim Walker-SmithKim-Walker

Sound: A studio recording made to sound live, this album is full of powerful ballads that are laced with piano, electric guitar & lots of strings!

Favorite 3 Songs: “Alive,” “Spirit Break Out” & “Still Believe”

Why You Should Buy It: You will feel the presence of the Lord as you listen to Kim Walker worship with her anointed & powerful voice! Her main themes of healing, miracles & the presence of God will leave you with a renewed passion for your Savior & greater faith to believe for the impossible!

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