Youth Ministry Essentials: 5 step visitor follow-up strategy


God is the #1 need in a student’s life, but they may not know it! Teenagers must often feel like they belong before they will believe! Having a strong visitor follow-up strategy & assimilation process for your 1st time guests is key! Below is a 5 step strategy to get you started (With youth service on Wednesday)!

1 Make a strong first impression! (Wednesday)

• Greet students at the front entrance as they come in! Have a team of door greeters trained & ready to smile, greet & give high fives & hand shakes!

• Welcome guests warmly from stage & invite them out to the guest lounge along with the friends who brought them at s strategic point in your service or right afterwards. Let new guests know what they will be receiving as a way to draw them! Have new guest team ready to warmly welcome your visitors.

• Meet & greet guests at lounge with fresh baked cookies or pizza, have them fill out connection cards or check in on ipads, tell them about small groups & raffle off iTunes gift card!

2 Make initial follow-up! (Thursday)

Find your guests on social media & send them a message thanking them for coming. Enter guests into database.

Mail them handwritten postcards, thank them for coming & write a personal word of encouragement!

3 Call them! (Monday)

• Call them & thank them for coming! Ask if they got their card, ask them how their weekend was, invite them to upcoming gathering & ask if you can pray for them about anything!

4 Email them! (Tuesday)

• Send out an email to everyone in your database with calendar dates & any important info!

5 Contact them again! (Wednesday)

• Have a team making calls to all your new guests from the previous week inviting them back to your youth service or send out a mass text to everyone teen in your database if you use a texting service!

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