Big Team, Little You: 5 Steps to Building a Dynamic Youth Leadership Team!

photo-102This past weekend we took our Interns to the annual NCNSM Student Ministries “Leadership Congress” in Fremont, CA. It’s always an action-packed weekend of fun, team building, prayer, worship & equipping for youth leaders by some of the nations premier Pastors & leaders. My friend & District Student Ministries Director “Eddie De La Rosa” brought in Dan Hunter – Lead Pastor of “Living Church” in Mansfield, TX & veteran Youth Pastor of over 20 years as this year’s guest speaker. Dan’s session on how to build a youth leadership team was incredible!!! Below are my notes…

1 Spread The Dream

“The win is the vision happening, not you doing.” “Leaders will stick if they are excited about your vision!” “Show them tomorrow today!”

2 Recruit Constantly

“If you truly have a vision from God, it’s bigger than you.” “Everybody can do something!”

3 Build a Team By Giving Away Responsibility

“Don’t use people to build the ministry, use the ministry to build people.” “Your job as a leader on any level is to lead people and let the work happen.” “How many leaders do we need? Wrong question! How many leaders can we use? Right question!”

4 Grow Together

“Effective teams don’t happen, they are built!” “Do regular leadership training with your team.” “If you train them less than monthly, you’re missing it!”

5 Reproduce Yourself

“You are not limited by anything but your leaders.” “You need to step away, so they can step up!”

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