Rewind: “Limitless” Youth Convention


It was an incredible weekend at “Limitless” Youth Convention 2013 in Sacramento, CA!

The Worship

Worship was led by the Australian band “Planetshakers,” who combine high energy, great songs & an anointing that leads you into the presence of God! I hosted them & was able to introduce our “Awakening” youth worship band to the Aussies from down under!

photo 4photo 5photo 1 photo 2

The Word

Our speaker on Friday night was Rich Wilkerson Jr, this dude has a gift of humor that gives you a gut-ache from overlaughing & then he hits you right up side the head with Biblical truth which almost has you crying! My favorite one liner from Rich was “When you let your “but” lead you, you’re always gonna sink!”

The Saturday evening speaker was our new NorCal/ Nevada Assemblies of God District Youth Director Eddie De La Rosa! Eddie is a veteran youth pastor & leader who brought a powerful word on living a “Limitless” life in Christ! My favorite one liner of Eddie’s was “If the resurrection power of Christ is living in you, you can be limitless in Him!”



A Call To Action 

On Saturday afternoon we received a Speed the light offering & raised thousands of dollars for missionaries world wide to purchase vehicles that will allow them to “Speed the light” of Christ to the darkest corners of the earth! It was so moving to see so many students rise up & give what they had to make a difference in the lives of others worlds away.

photo 3


The Result

Thousands of teens attended this event & hundreds came to Christ for the first time & many more encountered God, were called into ministry & were awakened in their faith to live passionately for Christ!  We call that a great weekend! – Derek & Julie


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