3 BENEFITS of implementing SMALL GROUPS into your YOUTH MINISTRY

photo-2Over a year ago we converted our Sunday school ministry hour, which consisted of 1 youth pastor or leader “Talking at” all of the students as they sat & watched, into about 7 different “Interactive Small Groups” made of between 6-14 students & led by a total of about 15 leaders! A year later, we have more than doubled in size & the results have been so positive that we just launched small groups into our weekly youth service on a twice per month rotation! photo-10

Here are the 3 big benefits that we have seen since implementing small groups into our youth ministry…

1 Empowering Leaders

photo 4When we take the time to invest in & equip our leaders to disciple our students, not only do we duplicate ourselves, but we empower our leaders to take ownership of the ministry! When our leaders feel like they have ownership of the ministry & that they are making a tangible difference in the lives of students, they will grab hold of the vision, lead with passion & stay for the long haul!photo 1

2 Building deeper relationships

photo 2-1When your leaders & students gather together in small groups on a consistent basis where they have the opportunity to get to know each-other in a safe place to share, laugh & ask questions, not only do they begin to bond together on a deeper level, but they become a family! When someone is gone everyone notices, when someone is down, everyone encourages! The students begin to see their small group leaders as spiritual fathers & mothers!

3 Growing together in faith photo 1-1

photo 2When your leaders are given a small group outline to study & pray over a couple of days in advance, they begin to grow in their faith as they search through the Bible & study scripture! During small groups, students who normally may never read the Bible, are also now searching through & reading God’s word together as they apply it to their lives! As leaders ask specific questions that lead to introspection, students begin to open up about their issues & struggles. Small groups usually end with prayer which is always the highlight! – Derek & Juliephoto 5

photo 3

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