4 Ingredients to Leading Fun & Effective Ministry Team Meetings!

If you want to have a GREAT leadership team & fulfill the BIG vision that God has called you to, then you must meet at least once per month with your team outside of the regular weekly grind! Here are  the 4 main ingredients that we have found that make these team meetings fun, effective & leave your leaders inspired and excited to come back for more!
1. Set the atmosphere!

Do everything you can to meet outside of the church facilities & instead meet inside a home – specifically your home! Families hang out in homes, & your team will become more like a close family if you hang like a family! Make sure the home is clean, the lighting is serene & music is playing in the background that reflects the type of gathering you want to have! And what is any Christian gathering without food?! A pot-luck style dinner is usually the easiest & best way to chill with your team & talk, laugh & play games.

2. Celebrate the wins!

Ministry can present many challenges & hardships, so celebrating the good things God is doing is essential! The best way we have found to do this is by building in a “Brag session” for at least 10 minutes where you encourage everyone to “Brag on God” by sharing a testimony of something good he has done in the ministry lately or by “Bragging on each-other” by sharing something positive about another leader that you have seen lately! This builds everyone’s faith & is always one of the highlights of the night!

3. Equip your leaders!

Effective equipping begins with “Casting the vision” to your team of where you are going & why you are doing what you are doing week in & week out! Without having a vision to follow, your team will lose purpose & you will eventually lose leaders! Another huge part of equipping is training your team to grow in their various leadership responsibilities & purposing to strengthen your overall team’s areas of weakness. It’s also important to dream with your team & get their input & ideas on specific things like events – this way you can get their buy in & the result is they will take “Ownership” as they feel like they are an important part of the ministry team!

4. Pray together!

The most powerful thing you can do as a team is pray together for your church, your ministry & the people you minister to! God says that “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful & effective” (James 5:16) & “Where two or more gather in my name, there I am with them!” (Matthew 18:20) Therefore, we must pray! We usually put some worship music on & ask our team to stand together for prayer giving them specific things to pray about & encouraging them to pray out loud as everyone else agrees! We have seen God answer so many of our prayer requests & it always builds our teams faith to keep praying & expect God to answer!

2 thoughts on “4 Ingredients to Leading Fun & Effective Ministry Team Meetings!

  1. The stories about your meetings from your students and leaders are legendary! These sound simple, but if they are consistently executed a team will generate a lot of momentum and synergy. Great post!


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