Breaking Free from Insecurity


This was our youth message from last week & was inspired by Jeanne Mayo!

Series: Breaking Free From Insecurity! (Week 1)

Intro: Read “The Necklace”

There is a story called “The Necklace” about a lady named Matilda. In her insecurity Matilda wanted to be accepted by the rich people in the area, the socialites. She was excited because she got invited to an elegant ball. She really didn’t have any money and her husband was just a common worker. In order to go to the ball Matilda borrows a necklace from one of her well-to-do friends. The necklace was a large, elegant diamond necklace. Matilda decides that if she wears this necklace to the ball, it will appear as though she belongs there. She goes to the ball with the diamond necklace, and all night she is a smashing hit and everybody loves her. The evening would have been perfect, but by the end of the ball Matilda loses the necklace. She didn’t want to tell her well-to-do friend that she had lost the necklace, so Matilda convinced her husband that they needed to replace the necklace. So Matilda drew a copy of it and the jeweler made a necklace exactly like the one that was lost or stolen, with diamonds that cost forty thousand francs. To be able to pay for it, they not only mortgaged their home, but she took on two jobs and so did her husband.

They eventually lost their house and the story goes that while the Matilda was coming home late at night from work she met her well-to-do friend who she hadn’t seen in 10 years. She no longer could even pretend to be rich. She spent all this time trying to live up to the facades she had put up and working two jobs. When the lady saw her she said “Matilda, you don’t look well, you look exhausted.” Soon Matilda broke down there in the street ten years after it happened and she said, “Let me tell you why. I’ve lost my home, I have spent the last 10 years working two jobs and my husband has as well. It’s because ten years ago when I borrowed that diamond necklace from you I wanted so much to be accepted by all the people at that big prestigious ball and I lost that diamond necklace. I had it redesigned and had a copy made. We’ve spent the last ten years of our lives paying back for that diamond necklace.”

The women that she had borrowed it from stumbled with her words and then she said, “Matilda, I wish you could have told me before, because you see, that necklace wasn’t made of diamonds, it was made of fake gems and the worth of it was less than 500 francs, not 40,000 francs. All this time I have had the necklace you gave back to me and I never even realized that it was the real thing.”

Because of her insecurities, Matilda wasted ten years of her life!

Q If you were Matilda, how would you feel after that? When we focus more on trying to keep up our appearances so that we can be accepted by people rather than be accepted by Jesus, we suffer all kinds of anguish & fall under the curse of insecurity! For the next couple of weeks we are  going to be starting a new series called “Breaking free from insecurity!”

Insecurity defined is – not sure or certain; doubtful, not firm or fixed; unsteady; lacking stability; troubled; lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety.

Insecurity robs us of the joy, peace & freedom that Jesus has for us & instead leaves us depressed, stressed & jealous!

Everyone of us deals with insecurity & some of us worse than others! But the good news is this…

Main Thought: Jesus can set you free from insecurity! (Repeat)

Read Genesis 37:2-33

There is much we can learn from this Bible story about the subject of insecurity!

Q Who was insecure in this story? (Joseph’s brothers) Q How did they do to show their insecurity?

  • V4 – instead of rejoicing with Joseph that their father loved him & made him a beautiful robe, they hated him & could not speak a kind word to him.
  • V11 – instead of rejoicing with Joseph that God was speaking to him through dreams, they became jealous & mocked him.

Q When something good happens to your siblings or friends, do you tend to celebrate with them or do you tend to become insecure & jealous of them? God desires us to celebrate with others!

  • V19 – Instead of accepting Joseph into their group when he came to visit them, they rejected him & plotted to harm him.
  • V28 – Instead of helping Joseph to fulfill his destiny, they sold him as a slave & tried to destroy his destiny

When someone new or different comes around you & your friends, do you tend to reach out & accept them into your group or seclude them? None of us want to be left out!

The good news for Joseph is that no matter what his brothers did or said to him, he found his security in God & eventually became the 2nd most powerful man in the world – The Prince of Egypt! And guess who eventually came begging to him for bread?! 

Insecurity doesn’t just hurt you, it hurts others!

This following monologue will give you a clearer picture of how insecurity can eat you alive…

Guy Monologue: Macho Man

(Monologue opens with the guy acting macho in some way…either imaginary flirting with a girl, acting cool with imaginary friends, etc. Last line of his fun acting is, “I know, it’s tough to believe how unbelievably cool I really am!” (Guy walks away from imaginary girl or crowd…becomes serious…and then starts to talk to himself again.) “That’s a joke, isn’t it? If people could see inside of me, they would know I’m so “unbelievably COOL” that I’m almost FROZEN. I’m frozen with all the stupid feelings of insecurity that nobody’s smart enough to ever read. Come on! Don’t they know that it’s my insecurity that makes me so stinking competitive? I have to WIN to prove to myself that I’m OK. It’s more than a football or basketball game to me. Winning those games is the only way to get those voices out of my head that tell me I’m worthless. I’m frozen with all the memories of my mistakes and mess-ups. I know, I know that Jesus says I’m okay and the Bible says that I’m good enough and Jesus will love me no matter what I do, but that stuff just doesn’t seem to make me feel any better on the inside. I’m frozen every time I walk into a room with lots of people, because it’s a big deal to me that everybody likes me. I mean, I can have 99 people who think I’m cool and ONE GUY who doesn’t and I’m so stupid to think that one guy who doesn’t like me matters and I’m a looser. So, I’m really COOL alright…so cool that I’m FROZEN… FROZEN WITH ALL THE STUPID INSECURITIES THAT I FEEL EVERYDAY INSIDE OF ME.” (LIGHTS GO DOWN)

What causes us to fall to “The Curse of Insecurity?”

#1 When we make SOMEONE OR SOMETHING other than Jesus our “god.”

#2 When we have the wrong concept of God’s LOVE.

He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. Titus 3:5

God’s love for you is in not based on your performance…!

Girl Monologue: The female face of insecurity

(Monologue with music under it. Girl acting like she is in her room alone, putting on make-up. Opens with girl pantomiming putting on make-up and looking at herself in the mirror…) “Oh, my hair never looks decent when I want it to…and this eye shadow is supposed to cover up that scar over my eye; but it’s still there! I get so sick of going through this everyday. I’m too fat…my face is messed up…just ugly, from the inside out (Pausing…then somber) “God, this is such a joke! Lynn told me the other day that she is JEALOUS of me. That’s about the craziest thing I’ve heard lately. Jealous? If she even had an idea of what goes on inside of me, she’d be ANYTHING but jealous. How can you be JEALOUS of somebody that always has to always please everybody to be accepted?How can you be JEALOUS of somebody whose family is as messed up as mine?” (Pausing…then adding…) How can you be JEALOUS of somebody who hates her own body so much that after she eats, she sneaks off to the bathroom to make herself vomit it back up? That sounds like a lot to be JEALOUS of!!! Lord, when do all these haunting feelings of insecurity go away? LIGHTS GO DOWN…AND TESTIMONY PERSON COMES UP.

Anything that we trust in which can be taken away from us brings insecurity. Only that which cannot be taken away from us brings security! What is the opposite of insecurity? Security in Christ! Jesus can set you free from insecurity!


Security in Christ

Produces fear, worry, and anxiety. Produces boldness and peace
Produces restlessness, fatigue, and insomnia. Produces rest and joy.
Produces indecisiveness. Produces decisiveness.
Produces avoidance of others. Produces love for others and confidence
Produces depression. Produces thanksgiving and praise.





Closing: Read “Unqualified”

The next time you feel insecure about God being able to use you, just remember…

Abraham was too old, Isaac was a day-dreamer, Jacob was a liar, Leah was ugly, Joseph was abused, Moses had a stuttering problem, Gideon was afraid, Samson was a womanizer, Rahab was a prostitute, Timothy was too young, David had an affair and was a murderer, Elijah was suicidal, Isaiah preached naked, Jonah ran from God, Naomi was a widow, Job went bankrupt, John the Baptist ate bugs, Peter denied Christ, Martha worried about everything, The Samaritan woman was divorced, Zaccheus was too small, Paul was too religious, Timothy had an ulcer…AND Lazarus was dead!

1st Call: Foam trash – our insecurities are as worthless as this piece of foam trash. When the band begins to sing, come grab a piece of foam symbolizing your insecurities & trade it into Jesus for freedom as you worship!

Salvation Call:

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