When it Rains in the Desert: Holy Spirit Conference 2013

vegasI was invited by my friend & Lead Associate Pastor of our church, “Andrew Mason”, to attend the “Holy Spirit Conference” last week in Las Vegas! The Holy Spirit Conference is hosted annually by the International Church of Las Vegas & Pastors Paul & Denise Goulet & featured guest speakers such as Bill Johnson (Author & Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, CA) & Banning Liebscher (Author & Director of Jesus Culture in Sacramento, CA)! Andrew, who is also the founder of Smallgroupschurches.com – an online community of leaders dedicated to growing churches one small group at a time, was invited to teach a small group workshop at the conference.

IMG_5611Andrew’s small group workshop was awesome! Not only was it packed out, but everyone who came, left inspired & equipped with everything they needed to know about how to effectively lead & multiply vibrant small groups in their churches that will build mature follower of Christ!

Powerful times of worship were led by Michael Leyde (Worship & creative arts Pastor at I.C.L.V.)! Being a worship leader myself, it was so refreshing to just get lost in the presence of the Lord & receive His power, peace & joy! Michael & the worship team at I.C.L.V. have a real anointing & skill to lead Spirit-led worship –  I had not had a worship experience like that in a while, thanx!!


It’s one thing to listen to great spiritual leaders on podcast or video, but it’s another thing to be able to sit in the same room & receive from them! Here are some of my top notes from Banning’s sessions…
  • “The issue is not whether God has called you to be a leader, but if you have responded to His call.”IMG_5623
  • “Leadership is being stretched beyond your capabilities.”
  • “When pressure was all around Him, Jesus was leading from a place of rest.”
  • “Faith is accessed through rest.”
  • “Nobody ever changed the world by living safe.”
  • “If you’re going to impact cities, you’re going to have to sleep in a boat.”

Here are some of my top notes from Bill’s sessions…

  • “Do you know why God disciplines us? So that we can eventually have what we want!”
  • “God’s sovereignty includes your influence.”
  • “He’s glorified as Father when you write the blank check from Him for something impossible!”
  • “Who are you? Anyone who finds out what who God created them to be will never want to be someone else!”
  • “Jesus’ miracles were an outflow of His relationship with the Father.”
  • “The person with the most hope has the most influence.”

IMG_5697I was also privileged to not only meet Banning Liebscher, Bill Johnson & Pastor Paul Goulet, but Andrew & I were able to receive prayer from the latter two! We saw hundreds of people receive physical healing before our very eyes in the last two night sessions led by Bill Johnson! One teenage girl who had a documented case of very severe dyslexia was healed & began reading her Bible flawlessly on stage after Bill gave a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal people with her condition & led us in prayer for them! Praise God!!IMG_5695

Everyone knows that Las Vegas has been nicknamed “Sin City” for a reason. But among all of the Casinos & strip clubs, it was so awesome to see the power of the local church at work changing lives as Jesus rained down & poured out His Spirit in one of the most physically & spiritually dry regions on earth!
– Derek

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