Fear, Depression or Worry? God Has Got You Covered!



Whether you are a teenager trying to make it through another day or a parent trying to meet all the demands of life, we all have one thing in common. We all desire peace and security in life. But how do we get there?

In the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) we see it’s really important for the virgins to have extra oil for their lamps. The virgins that did not have extra oil for their lamps, got left out of the great wedding banquet. They went and bought some, but by the time they were finished, the door had already been closed and the groom said, “I don’t know you so you can’t come in!”

oil-lampCheck this out- oil in the Bible symbolizes anointing from God- God’s presence upon something! Think about this with – as it is in the natural it is in the supernatural. The lamps the virgins carried were meant to hold & burn oil. Our bodies are meant to be containers of the Holy Spirit & burn with His presence! These virgins were trying to borrow someone else’s oil to fill their lamps!

No one can loan you his or her relationship with God. You have to have one for yourself! Your oil cannot be borrowed from anyone it has to come directly from God to you!

So how do we get our own oil? By spending time in God’s presence – by reading His Word. That’s how we get filled up with peace, strength & joy! That’s how we will know what to do when the devil throws curve balls at us. If we stay in Gods presence, we keep being filled with his oil!

When you are filled with Gods oil-“His presence” the fears, depression, negative or suicidal thoughts, have to go! WHY? Because oil is slippery.

They will try to stick to you but as you get Gods Word in you His oil will start flowing over you and all the worry’s, fears, addictions & strongholds from the enemy can’t stay. Just keep a steady flow of oil coming!

When you read your Bible it’s like soothing oil! You begin to really know God and how He thinks. You begin to know who you are as His child. That His plans are very good for you. That you are more than a conqueror! That if you just believe in Him and believe what His Word says, then anything you ask in His name can and will be done!

Don’t be discouraged! The more you are in the presence of God the more He heals you & restores you! That is a promise! May He fill you with His soothing oil. – Julie

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