3 Reasons to Implement a Security Team at Your Next Service!

One of the most effective ways we have found to reach many students for Christ each week is by having a dynamic youth service! There is just simply so much you can accomplish in one night! We call our youth service “The Experience,” where students come & experience fun with games, experience the love of Jesus through powerful worship & teaching & experience serving by using their gifts for God! Naturally, because students are involved & excited, they will bring their friends & it will grow! As it grows, you will begin to reach a variety of students, many of whom will come with their “Issues!” photo-35

Obviously you pray & “Hope for the best” – that all students have fun & experience Christ, but you also must “Prepare for the worst” in the event that  a student (s) snaps! We had a situation like this last week where a student became very disruptive during the service & when asked to step outside by the leaders, began to shout, threaten & become dangerous. The situation went from bad to worse when the student refused to leave the premises & it became a very ugly scene in front of all the students & parents as the service ended!

Although we had previously implemented service “rules” & done some “trouble” training with our leaders, we realized in this moment that none of it was adequate for a “High security risk” situation like this. What if this student had brought a weapon? So within one week, we built a security team to deal with these types of scenarios. Here is 3 reasons why you need a security team for your next youth service…

1 To protect your students

Parents & guardians allow their students to come to our youth services not only because they experience fun, friends & God, but because they expect it to be a safe place for their kids! When you have a security team in place walking around with walkie-talkies & knowing exactly what to do in an emergency – trouble makers are kept at bay, students are protected & parents feel assured!photo-36

2 To protect your leaders

Youth leaders sacrifice much to serve us & our students, & in the process put up with a whole lot of attitude when it come to reaching teens for Jesus! The situation above could have been stopped much earlier if we had trained our leaders exactly what to do. Knowledge is power, so in extreme scenarios like the one mentioned above, we must protect our leaders by arming them with the knowledge & authority to handle these situations – which not only protects our students, but protects our leaders!

3 To protect yourself

In this crazy world we live in where there are mass school shootings & lawsuits against almost everything now, Youth Pastors need to be wise as serpents & innocent as doves (Matt 10:16)! You need to Protect yourself & your church against danger & lawsuits by knowing your rights as an individual & organization, crafting rules & security procedures & training a security team of youth leaders to know exactly what do to in a high security risk situation!secret service

– Derek

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