Truth, Sex and a Midnight Text

Have you ever accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person? Awkward right? Not so long ago, I was texting a close friend back & forth & meant to send him an emoji picture of a smiley faced pile of poo as a joke, but instead I accidentally sent it to one of my Pastors! Way awkward!poo

Last week, I was on the receiving end of an accidental text, or so I thought…

It was near midnight. I was tossing & turning trying to sleep. My body was tired, but my mind wouldn’t shut off! Suddenly, the glow of my phone lighting up in the dark caught my attention. It was receiving an incoming text. I picked it up. It was from an un-programmed number I didn’t recognize…

The text read “Hey bro, Sarah is pregnant & I don’t know what to do. She told me tonight & I’m seriously freaked out. Anyway, we talked about abortion tonight, she got pi#$*! off at me and now I have no idea where to turn. I can’t tell my parents.”

Immediately I’m thinking “This must be one of our students whose number I don’t have programmed!” So I replied with “Hey man, I don’t have your number programmed. Please tell me who this is!”

(Names changed for confidentiality)

A text came back “Hey I’m really sorry, I hit a 5 instead of a 9 when I entered the number earlier. I didn’t mean to bother you. But my name is Jason and I’ll take any advice you might have.”

I found out later that Jason is only 15 years old.

Now do you think it’s coincidence or God, that a 15-year-old who just got his girlfriend pregnant, who is freaked out of his mind, who is scared to death to tell his parents & who is trying to talk his girlfriend into having an abortion just happened to dial a 5 instead of a 9 & text a youth pastor who couldn’t sleep on accident?!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus just happens to be in the divine intervention business & I ended up spending the next 2+ hours texting Jason back & forth…

After whispering a very quick prayer of “Holy Spirit help me,” the first thing I shared with Jason was John 3:16 & that God loved him so much & had a very special plan for his life, his girlfriend’s life & his baby’s life! I told him that he could turn to God for help in this situation – that he didn’t have to be alone…

A text came back “I don’t believe in all that stuff.”

Next I shared Psalm 139:13-16 with Jason that talks about how God is the author of life & that he already knows his baby! I shared with him that God considers abortion to be murder & that he & his girlfriend would not want to live the rest of their lives with regret over taking an innocent life… I waited…

A text came back “This kid will be a reminder of fear, embarrassment & shame. I want to pretend like it’s not mine. I want her to have an abortion. I’m not ready for this. Why wouldn’t God understand? I mean, he knows it’s an accident right? He knows I didn’t want this right?”

I shared with Jason how God gave him his parents to love him and help him. I shared how I struggled as a teenager with my parent’s authority, but that now as an adult, I look back and see how God used them to help me and protect me from disaster! I told him that even though his parents are imperfect, that he needed to tell them and ask them for help… I waited longer…

A text came back “If you were me, you’d hate my parents to. I won’t allow them to love me.”

Then another text came “All I wanted to do is show my girlfriend I loved her. I wanted to feel loved. Now I’m just scared.”

I responded with “Now is your opportunity to really love her!”

A text came back “Outside of sex, I don’t know how to do that. I only feel love when sex is involved. If you love someone, don’t you prove that with sex?”

I shared with Jason 1 John 4:16  and that if he wants to feel true love & give true love, that he needs to go to the source of true love – God! I shared with him that sex is God’s idea & is only meant to be enjoyed in marriage between a husband and wife. I explained to him that his relationship with his girl friend was not actually based on love, but on lust…

No reply came back…

I text Jason again and asked him if there happened to be a Bible around in his house that he could read? I waited… and waited…

A text came back… “Oh yea, there are Bible’s everywhere, but I don’t believe the Bible is true.”

About this time 2 hours had passed & I was trying to fight off falling asleep. I told Jason that I was praying for him and that I was here for him if he needed me…

No reply came back after that & I fell asleep with the words “I don’t believe the Bible is true,” bouncing around in my head.

Q So what is truth? We all want the truth don’t we? We say things like “It’s time to face the truth.” In court, people are asked “If they swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Reporters search for truth in the news, investigators search for truth in the clues. Husbands, wives, boyfriends & girlfriends want to know that their partner is being “truthful,” and not cheating on them. What is truth?

Jesus had a little something to say about the truth…

“The reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” John 18:37

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Truth is a person & his name is Jesus Christ! He alone is the only way to find freedom, purpose, forgiveness of sins & eternal life! Jesus is truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth!

So a week went by and I hadn’t heard back from Jason. I would wonder how he was doing & say a prayer for him…

Then, several nights ago, right around midnight as I’m trying to fall asleep – my phone lights up in the dark as it receives an incoming text message. I picked it up.

It was Jason and all the text read was. “Hey.”

I asked him how he was doing…

A text came back “I was thinking about everything you said the other night. I really thought abortion was the way to go, but last night I got sick even thinking about it. That’s a person in there.”

I asked him if he had told his parents yet…

A text came back “No, but my Dad told me he loved me. I like being close with my dad. Well bro, I think I need to man up and talk to my parents before I go to bed.”

I responded with “Do it bro! You will feel so much better! I am praying for you!”

That was it. By then, I was falling asleep again & slipped off into dream land praying that Jason would turn to God & get the courage to do the right thing.

I’m still praying for Jason & looking forward to the next time my phone lights up around midnight.

What if I didn’t know the truth of God’s Word that midnight that Jason first text me?

What if I did know the truth, but decided not to share it because I was too tired?

Do you know the truth that is Jesus Christ?  If so, are you sharing it with others? Because you could just save a life…

– Derek

2 thoughts on “Truth, Sex and a Midnight Text

  1. Wow, wow and wow! Praise God! What an amazing story of Divine intervention. God loves that baby so much, he had “Jason” text you by accident. What a miracle and what a great example of what happens when a person has a genuine opportunity to receive a ‘message of truth,’ albeit unpopular and uncommon in the context of the world we live in. Praise God for His Word and for His faithful messengers that He uses to deliver it.


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