Worship Leader’s Check-list

Here is the check-list I’ve compiled after 10 years of trial & error!




Spend time daily with the Lord through…

  • Prayer, Bible meditation & worship (You can’t give what you don’t have! So, fill yourself up so that you can be poured out!)

Communicate with your Pastor/ Leadership regarding the upcoming service (s)

  • What is the overall service going to look like?
  • What is the theme of the message?
  • How much time will there be for musical worship?

Prayerfully create your set-list with songs that…

  • Are in your vocal range/ that you are comfortable leading/ playing
  • Your band/ vocalists can play/ sing with excellence
  • Are singable for your audience & move them to a deeper place of worship
  • Flow together dynamically in the proper keys  as much as possible
  • Relate to the theme of the message as much as possible

Solidify your worship team in advance

  • Get them your set-list as far in advance as possible along with audio files, sheet-music & specific info so that they can practice!

Prayerfully think through & practice your transitions between songs

  • How will you start & end each song musically & dynamically?
  • What might God have you say to encourage your audience?

Master your parts

  • Practice your vocal/ instrument parts so that you can lead with confidence

Lead a great team practice

  • Show up early & make sure your team has everything they will need
  • Honor & encourage your team/ lead them spiritually & pray together
  • Bring them up to speed on the upcoming service, set-list, songs & transitions
  • Practice your songs & transitions in the order you will play them live
  • Correct mistakes now so that they don’t become distractions later



  • Pray with your team before you take the stage & encourage them to model extravagant worship

Lead contagious worship

  • The preparation is over, so worship the Lord with all your heart!
  • Have fun and engage your audience!
  • Eliminate distractions by mastering the transitions between songs!

Be ready for the un-expected

  • Be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading & ready to follow Him no matter what!
  • Honor your authority & go with the flow even if your Pastor/ Leadership changes the plan!


Celebrate the victories with your team

  • Encourage them & let them know how much you appreciate them!

Reflect on the areas that need improvement

  • What can you/ your team do better next time?


– Derek


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