4 Leadership Points from the Life of Peter

If you are familiar at all with the life of Peter, you know that Peter was a very passionate, yet very imperfect leader! At one moment he is asking to walk on the water with Jesus & the next moment he is sinking due to his unbelief & fear (Matt 14:22-32)! Another time he is telling Jesus that he will never forsake him (Matt 26:31-35), only later to deny Him three times (Matt 26:69-75)!


After the Holy Spirit descended on Peter & the other believers in the upper room with fire & power on the day of Pentecost, we see a different kind of Peter leading the early church! Peter was…

1. SPIRIT LEDActs 2:14-40, 4:8-12, 10:1-12:24

Instead of allowing his mind, will & emotions to lead him as before, we now see Peter allowing the Holy Spirit to lead him as he speaks, travels, makes important decisions & ministers! Allowing the Spirit to lead us is foundational, not only as youth leaders, but as Christians!

2. UNIFIED – Acts 2:14-47

Instead of jockeying for position amongst the other disciples as before, Peter now stands up in unity with his fellow leaders! This gave him confidence to speak & credibility with his audience. A “Lone Ranger” goes it alone, but a leader gets “buy in” from his team & knows that there is strength in numbers! We must seek unity with others youth leaders & lead with humility!

3. BOLD – Acts 2:14-40, 3:1-26, 4:1-21

Instead of denying his Lord & hiding in the courtyard as before, Peter is now leading with authority! He now takes on massive crowds by raising his voice, asking for their attention, looking straight into their eyes & speaking with such confidence & courage that the Sanhedrin was “Astonished & took note that these men had been with Jesus!” Youth leaders must know who they are in Christ & lead with loving boldness!

4. SERVING – Acts 3:1-9 9:32-43. 10:1-12:24

Instead of cutting off someone’s ear as before, Peter is now modeling servant-leadership like Jesus as he looks to meet others needs above his own! His heart overflows with compassion for the lost, hurting & broken! Leading with a servant’s heart is key to being an effective youth leader! – Derek

2 thoughts on “4 Leadership Points from the Life of Peter

  1. A “Lone Ranger” goes it alone, but a leader gets “buy in” from his team…

    So true! Too many times I’ve attempted the Lone Ranger strategy. I don’t recommend it. Every time I’ve invested in people and built a team, amazing things happen!


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